IATI as a Communication Tool

One of the pitfalls of IATI is that it is often perceived as just another convention an organization has to comply to because it wants to become more transparent and accountable through publishing to the IATI registry. This is in itself an entire issue to discuss, but we will leave this for a later post. What organizations, however, often…

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Infogr.am meets IATI

Infogr.am is a data visualization product that brings out the best in data. Infogra.am creates infographics and charts that are quick to use, fast to share, easy on eye and tell the story of your data. Infrogr.am itself is a very easy tool to use, as long as you have your data in order first. Don’t…

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Open Development Presentation given to ZOA and their international country directors. Presentation covers Open Development, Open Data, IATI and how Cordaid uses open data. Some slides used are from the excellent IATI Speaker’s Kit and images are from Feedback Labs Feedback Loops

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StoryMapJS – Healthcare

In my mind, data and story telling should go hand in hand, and I have been looking at different platforms in which I can tell the ‘Cordaid’ story for work and I have been exploring different options available at present. There are currently many different storytelling tools available online, and one of them is, StoryMapJS, a…

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