meets IATI is a data visualization product that brings out the best in data. creates infographics and charts that are quick to use, fast to share, easy on eye and tell the story of your data. itself is a very easy tool to use, as long as you have your data in order first. Don’t forget, always clean you data first!

Using to Visualize IATI is a great tool to visualize data and engage your read with that data. For my work at Cordaid I have used to create a simple dashboard to show people what Cordaid does and where. So every time I give a presentation now, I do not give an introduction about Cordaid’s projects, I let the dashboard do this for me. End of the day, people all have different interests and questions, so present the information to them, so that they can discover the answers themselves. Not only is this a more pleasant experience for the audience but also means you don’t have to repeat yourself a hundred times. All of this information of course, comes from our IATI XML file. One entry, multiple use, this is the power of open data and IATI. One dashboard to rule them all (ok, that might not be true, but the rest is).

So below, find a general overview of Cordaid’s work using